Go Green with Solar Power for home or business with high efficiency solar panels and systems

Every 3 Minutes Someone Switches To Solar


SDG&E, SCE and other utility companies based in Southern California are increasing their rates over 10% each year due to the shutdown of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant in 2013. Besides recycling and using energy efficient appliances, installation of a quality rooftop solar power system would be the next step to reduce dependency with the utility companies.

More energy hits the earth’s surface from the sun in an hour than all the energy consumed by humans in over a year.  We can harness the solar energy and utilize it for our homes and businesses. There are some pros and cons in using solar energy and this should be covered when deciding to go with solar power panels. Solar Panels are the wave of the future and a worthwhile investment to save on electric bills.


Solar energy pros are that solar energy is 100% clean with no greenhouse gas emissions. Solar systems run quietly and there are no moving parts. Solar systems last over 25 years, and the bills are reduced up to 90%. Because of the federal, state and local subsidies and tax incentives being offered by California Solar Initiative (CSI), the system pays for itself in 4-6 years.

Solar energy cons begin with upfront costs because it is not inexpensive to get solar panels for homes. However, with $0 down and low interest rate financing, the initial cost pays off within a few years and solar system owners reap the benefits for several decades. Southern California is blessed with a lot more sun than any other part of the country; the number of sunny days far surpasses the number of cloudy days here.




With over 25 years of industrial experience, Aikyum Solar is a one-stop-shop solar solutions provider. We manage the entire installation process from design, financing solar, pulling permits, to installation, city inspections and maintenance services. We aim at 100% customer satisfaction. Our mission is to provide reliable and complete solar solutions. We have an outstanding reputation for integrity.

Our team includes electrical engineers, civil engineers, system designers, roofers, technicians and highly skilled individuals, all sharing the passion for utilizing renewable energy. We represent leading solar manufacturers around the world such as Solar World, LG, Canadian Solar, SMA, Fronius, Power-One; and have established long-term relationships. Our strong vendor relationships and high volume transactions assist in purchasing solar panels and other solar equipment at the lowest prices possible.


In 1970s solar panel cost was about $10 per Watt. Currently, the price has fallen to under one dollar per Watt. The price of solar panels has fallen significantly in the past 30 years. We are at a time when rooftop solar systems are cost competitive in the history of mankind with other alternative forms of energy. Solar energy is abundant and renewable and everything. Southern California residents living in single family homes can install rooftop solar panels.

We are blessed with fantastic sunlight, 30% income tax credits and additional CSI rebates. When you get rooftop solar panels installed, your electric bills are net-metered. Net-metering is when a solar system owner receives retail credit for the energy they generate. Because of the fabulous net-metering laws, your company has to pay you what they charge you. Let’s remember one thing, your utility company wishes to maintain their monopoly and continue to burn fossil fuels and destroy our planet.




They do not want to pay you to generate your own electricity. All the net-metering laws have been imposed upon them by the California legislature, by the Governor, by the California Public Utility Commision (CPUC) and these entities have gone to bat for you. It took a lot to get these laws on the books. It is up to you to leverage the California Solar Initiative and reap the benefits.

The pros definitely outnumber the cons on solar energy. With reduced up front purchase costs, quick payback periods, now is the time to install rooftop solar powered systems on your home and businesses. So you not only save money, but also save the planet.